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Photographer Suzy Allman in a studio portrait

Some of my editorial and commercial clients:


The New York Times
Sports Illustrated
The Wall Street Journal
The National Park Service
Ralph Lauren
Time Inc.
Langone Medical Center
City College of New York
QMI Canada
Getty Images
American Journal of Nursing
Bloomberg News
Canoe and Kayak Magazine
Backpacker Magazine
The New York Times Magazine

NZZ Folio
Golf World
Golf Digest
University of Virginia

Suzy Allman

A native of North Syracuse, New York, Suzy studied communications at Lemoyne College in Syracuse and Environmental Science and Human Geography at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

My photography background

I started taking photography seriously about twenty years ago.  First working for The Journal-News in Westchester County, New York, and then, a year later, shooting sports for The New York Times, editorial photography was something I loved and couldn’t get enough of.  I was drawn to sports from the start: the body in motion, the sheer stress and wracked nerves of the games, the competition with other shooters, the warm summer nights of baseball.  

Working for a broad range of clients, I’ve moved in and out of sports, news, outdoor travel and recreation photography, from architecture to art and back to sports.  But intelligent photography bridges the disciplines, drawing skills from different experience, so that my travel pictures may be imbued with energy and action, my architecture has the light of good portraiture, so a structure takes on almost human characteristics.

Location photography — the art of drawing people to places through beautiful, intelligent, insightful images — takes inspiration through a love of place and exploration.  This is a love that was part of my life before photography, and it’s a natural fit for my skills and passion.

Today my clients want pictures that convey not just how a place looks, but — especially — what it feels like to be there.  I think that’s where my real skill lies: in the burrowing in.  I live my assignments. My reputation for empathy and unique images meets a dogged research of my subjects before I even pick up the camera.   I get there early, stay late, thrive on intense situations, nail-biting deadlines, demanding clients.  I get to know people where they are, where they’ve come from, so I know what it’s like to be them, in this place, at this time.


…can come from the most unexpected places.  I’m an avid consumer of news, sports, literature, art, culture, and the wide path under an open sky.

Forward Thinking

Your city is the result of history, industry, people and geography.  I won’t undertake a location-based project without doing deep research.

Problem Solver

No remote camera is too remote.  If your location is off the beaten path (or far along it), no problem.  Need lighting, model releases, architecture photography, a larger crew?  We’re there.

Customer Support

Have a question?  I’m an email or a text message away.  My office staff can find pictures in our archive quickly and have them sent to you.


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