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Drawing People to Amazing Places.

Your world. My eyes.

Photos that show who you are, at this time, in this place.

Parks: Solitude, or Community.

Tourism and travel photography celebrates the outdoors.

Aerial Photos: Iconic, Informative, Artistic.

Aerial photography gives you a different perspective.

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“Vision is as much the work of the mind as it is of the eye.” – Galen Rowell 


Tourism photographer attracts marathon fans, who line the streets of Manhattan, New York City, New York, watching the 2008 New York City Marathon, and waving and smiling.
Tourism and travel plans can include a local football game. This one is in Rye, New York, on the edge of Long Island Sound.

Tourism and Travel Photography Draws People to Your Amazing Places.

Let’s build a collection of prominent, beautiful and captivating tourism and travel images that tell the story of your town and draw people to your amazing places.  Use this image library in flyers, on websites, and other displays, across all your local government departments and promotion materials.

What draws a visitor?  Your people; your fresh, local food and quirky shops; your special events, or just the way your winding country roads throw back the blue light of dusk.  Tourism photography does the heavy lifting when you’re at a loss for words.

Undiscovered: 10 Perfect Reasons You’ll Love Biking the Old Croton Aqueduct

Still relatively undiscovered, the Old Croton Aqueduct threads its way through Westchester’s charming and historic Rivertowns, offering the perfect “Adventure Day” destination.

Black Fly Challenge Bike Race in Inlet, NY

Without the Black Fly Challenge this summer, I may never have discovered the little mountain town of Inlet, New York. But this “gravel grinder” through the Moose River Plains turned me on the quintessential Adirondack village. Put it on the list for next year.

Scenic Aerial and Travel Photography in New York State

Scenic Aerial Photos, and Why State Parks Matter As a native of New York State and one of seven children living on a college professor's salary, I spent a lot of time in New York's state parks and county parks as a child.  Because you could drive in for free, parks...

Recent Work: Aerials

Recent Work: Spectacular Spring Weather in the Hudson Valley More beautiful early-morning weather means more early-morning aerial still pictures.  These are some of my favorites from this week's recent work: Tip: You want your rivers and lakes to be a vibrant blue...

Overhead Angles for a Fresh Perspective | Why Aerial Photography Matters

Overhead Angles Aerial photography speaks to me.  As a sports photographer, I longed to get up high above the action, and show the overhead view.  Why? Because it tells a broad story.  It gives context to a game or event.  It cleans up backgrounds, simplifies the...

The Empire State Trail Connection: Brewster to Hopewell Junction

Pave the old Maybrook line, and you’ll get a wonderful, 22-mile connection between Brewster and Hopewell Junction, along the Empire State Trail.

NFL Draft Style

I shot the NFL Draft for several years, including the first time it took place at Radio City Music Hall.  It's a slow-moving dirge that only drags as the night wears on, but I know it's important. Some pictures have a life long after the draft (like Eli Manning's...

Writing, and the Sports Photographer | MyHarriman

It's easy for a sports photographer to keep busy with assignments and shooting projects, but for me, it's important to go beyond the keyword, and even to go beyond photography. Most photojournalists I know work on special projects: self-assignments done for the joy of...

Double-Exposure on Film

A Challenging Way to Look at the World A double-exposure on film is tricky, and its creation is completely unlike the Photoshop process.  You have to think about what's happening to the film as the light hits it, as the crystals start to grow.  Your second exposure...

Assignment: Outdoor Fest, New York

Some of my favorite pictures come from self-assignments, and in New York City, sports is the straw that stirs the drink.  There's never a shortage of interesting, organized (and sometimes disorganized) sports to photograph, and these events can work in a travel...